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fishandchipsandvinegar: Brother – A Feuilly Mix A playlist for the long journey to home. Listen on Spotify. By request of @orestesdreams-pyladesloves 1. Hard Knock Life – Annie“No one cares for you a smidge, when you’re a foster kid.” 2. I’m Still Here – From Treasure Planet“What do you think you’d understand? I’m a boy no, […]

Holding Vigil ‘Till Sunrise – KChan88 – Les Misérables – Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]

Posting a little early, but I have a busy couple of days, so here is my Barricade Day(s) fic!  Summary: The Amis meet in the Musain the night before General Lamarque’s funeral, spending time together in the quiet before the world starts shaking beneath their feet. Enjolras reflects on the past, the future, and his friends, […]

isadelt: “Red is the colour of revolution.” Daily Sketch #16: Red I’m lazy today so it’s shadows. This might have looked better on a computer than with markers, but I haven’t touched my graphic tablet in years (and certainly haven’t brought it with me). Quote borrowed from my friend’s mom’s observation about my favourite revolutionaries. […]

leejordan: muscial aesthetics. “do you hear the people sing? singing a song of angry men? it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!” Source: leejordan

Important Question: does Bahorel love or hate Jehan’s fashion choices?

pilferingapples: he’s in Romantic Awe of Prouvaire’s fashion sense, as he would be before a forest fire, or an iceberg, or a volcano, or any other vast , reasonless, destructive natural force that cannot be bargained with, or indeed even comprehended; it crushes all puny Human Reason under its power, uncaring, unstoppable, and wearing a […]

By Force of Friendship

Note: A little early, but since my workday is crazy tomorrow I wanted to go ahead and get this up since it was written. So here you go! My contribution for Barricade Day(s) 2017. Warning for….a lot of sads. I think a lot about how Enjolras was the last man standing and must have seen […]