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The Power of Stories (Or an Essay on Why I Don’t Usually Like Things Casually)

I don’t like things casually. This occured to me as I was watching the Hamilton performance at the Grammy’s while I sank slowly into the couch cushions and got tears in my eyes, intermittently emitting a soft squeak. To be fair, I wasn’t alone in this; my roommate was grabbing the sleeve of my sweatshirt […]

Confessions of a Fangirl

What with the release of the new Star Trek movie, the announcement of Amazon World’s fanfiction publishing platform, and Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, fandom and fanfiction have found themselves in the spotlight and in the news quite a lot recently, even making their way into a recent edition of the Washington Post Express here in […]

Getting Your Grief On…Looking at Loss Through Three Different Mediums

Truth be told,  I’m kind of a glutton for punishment. I really enjoy bittersweet things, things that might make me cry, things where beauty is sometimes wrapped in tragedy. But the thing about tragedy and sadness? I’m always looking for the silver lining that rests somewhere beneath the layers, because it’s usually there, if you […]

If You Could Bottle Awesome…

….brothers John and Hank Green would find a way. These two brothers initially rose to fame through their Youtube channel, VLOG brothers, a video project they undertook in 2007; they ceased all textual communication for a year, communicating only through phone calls, face-to-face reunions, and through their Youtube videos, which cover all kinds of topics, […]

So Les Misérables…Is it Worth all the Hype?

In answer to the title of this blog post? Yes. Absolutely, positively, YES. There’s been a huge amount of hype surrounding Les Mis over the past several weeks due to the movie’s release in the U.S.  on Christmas Day and just a few days ago in Britain and several other countries. This movie has been […]

An Ode to Nerdiness

“Nerd!” It’s a word that echoes through any school hallway and into our ears, branding us. From a young age, at least when I was growing up, being called a nerd was nothing less than an insult. Well let me tell you something. It shouldn’t be. Because being a nerd? It’s WONDERFUL. But let me […]