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Baltimore and America’s History of Violence Against the Oppressed

Sometimes I cannot believe the sheer lack of compassion in this country. Sometimes I cannot believe just how people think they know someone else’s experiences. How white America feels they can speak for black America. How the rich feel they can speak for the poor. How men feel they can speak for women . How […]

My Existence is Not Your Invitation: A Few Words to the Men Who Harass Me on the Street

This afternoon while walking with a friend in the Chinatown area of DC, a man walked up to us, unasked, and uninvited. “Well look at these two beautiful ladies,” he said. “You are a gift from God.” I tried to grab on to my friend, but he was too close, stepping into the space between […]

Look Down, America: What are We Becoming?

In case anyone missed the memo or otherwise chose to ignore it, there’s a hell of a lot that’s wrong in America right now. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not one of those people who stands back with a cold, critical eye and says “well yes, America is the new Rome, clearly it must fall.” Those […]

“Selma” and America’s Struggle With Admitting Our Problems and Facing our Past

As I sat in the theater watching Selma yesterday, I physically reacted more than once. I gasped, I curled my fingers into a fist and dug my nails into my palm without realizing it, I grabbed my friend’s arm, I cried, and I clapped. I resisted throwing my box of Red Vines at the on-screen […]

Fictional Revolutions, Real-World Issues, and the Disconnect of Compassion

Look, America. We need to have a chat about what the hell is going on in this country. We need to have a national conversation about compassion, hypocrisy, and face the realities we’re trying so hard to ignore. Baseball might be the official national pastime, but I’m going to throw out the possibility that we […]

Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater”, Revolutions, Hope, and the America We Deserve

I saw Jon Stewart’s Rosewater last night out of a sense of curiostiy because I’ve loved watching The Daily Show for years. I came out inspired, moved, and eager to talk about the film to anyone who would listen. It was a truly incredible, poignant film in large part because of just how very human […]

Don’t Stay Silent: A Few Words on Why We Have the Power to Change the World

Warning: a lot of passionate ranting ahead. Every time I log onto my Facebook feed, it seems, people are saying the world is ending. The world in general, the world as we know it, the way society functions. So many things are ending. The “world is ending” so often in fact, that I’m rather constantly […]