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Claude Frollo, 15th Century Nice Guy ™

About a week ago, I finished reading Notre Dame de Paris (better known to English speakers like me as Hunchback of Notre Dame). As a Way More Than Casual fan of Les Mis, I wanted to make it my goal to read more of Hugo’s novels this year. Given the incredible new cast recording for the […]

My Existence is Not Your Invitation: A Few Words to the Men Who Harass Me on the Street

This afternoon while walking with a friend in the Chinatown area of DC, a man walked up to us, unasked, and uninvited. “Well look at these two beautiful ladies,” he said. “You are a gift from God.” I tried to grab on to my friend, but he was too close, stepping into the space between […]

An Open Letter to Anti-Feminists (Starring Some Thoughts on Marvel’s Agent Carter)

“What’s your name darling?” “Agent.” If you haven’t watched Marvel’s fabulous new woman led series “Agent Carter,” a spin-off of the Captain America films starring Peggy Carter, secret agent, soldier, spy, and kick-ass extraordinaire, then you won’t recognize those lines. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I have a bone to pick. […]

Don’t Stay Silent: A Few Words on Why We Have the Power to Change the World

Warning: a lot of passionate ranting ahead. Every time I log onto my Facebook feed, it seems, people are saying the world is ending. The world in general, the world as we know it, the way society functions. So many things are ending. The “world is ending” so often in fact, that I’m rather constantly […]

“Kids These Days”: Some Thoughts on Progress, Societal Change, and Generational Pushback.

Victor Hugo once said, “The brutalities of progress are called revolutions. When they are over we realize this: that the human race has been roughly handled, but that it has advanced.” The study of human progress, of societal change, and generational difference and antipathy is one I’ve been considering a great deal recently. Why does […]

Enough is Enough: Violence Against Women and Misogyny as Social Terrorism

I spent a great deal of time this weekend talking with different people about the shooting at UCSB, about Elliot Rodger, about everything involving the terrible happenings over the weekend. It’s an intense, frightening topic, so when I woke up suddenly last night from a nightmare involving blurry images of guns and a man dressed […]

“You Only Like that Character Because he’s Hot” or Some Thoughts on the Invalidation of Women’s Voices

“You only like that character because the actor who plays him is hot.” Oh, how that set of words makes me burn with the fury of thousand pissed off volcanoes. Or something like that. Apply the comparison of your choice here. Metaphor, simile, whichever you like. The point is, these words make me upset, and […]