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Steve Rogers in the Age of Donald Trump: On Cynicism, Fiction, and the Power of Fan-work

You know what first turned me on to Marvel? Steve Rogers. Otherwise known as Captain America. I was a casual fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, always enjoying the movies but never really going further, buying the movies but not merchandise, not diving into the fandom, not reading the comics. Then I saw Captain America: […]

We Can All be Superheroes: A Look at Heroism, Politics, and Fixing the World We Live In

I’ve always been interested in politics and keeping track of history: after 9/11 I remember making a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings about the events of time. It’s still sitting around my family’s house somewhere, and it kept track of the major news of the event itself, as well as the war following, for […]

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, Or Some Words on Steve Rogers and Why This Movie is Seriously Excellent

Five years ago if someone asked me to go see a comic book movie, I probably would have gone along with a little bit (a lot) of reluctance: I’d never liked superheroes much growing up, and Toby McGuire as Spider Man didn’t do much to change my mind (Andrew Garfield did, though!) To be fair, […]