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Hi there and welcome to my about page!

My name is Katie, and I’m a twenty-five year old librarian in Washington, D.C.. I’m a lover of books (ranging from young adult to classic lit), of writing, of musical theater, of nerdiness, and I’m an absolute Anglophile and avid reader of French revolutionary history (Thanks, Les Mis). Writing is a huge part of my life; I write both fanfiction and original things, and am currently working on a memoir. Enjolras, the red jacket wearing revolutionary leader from Les Mis is half of my spirit animal and Hermione Granger is the other. If you ask me about Les Mis, there’s a good chance I’ll never stop talking about it. I’m an optimist who believes in the overall goodness of humanity, and who wants to fight every day to help create a better, more equal, and accepting world, because no one likes oppression or cruelty. You’ll find a range of things on this blog; anything from thoughts or commentary on books, television, movies, or theater, to my political stances and musings, to waxing philosophic about life. Feel free to comment or drop me a line at KCrabb88@gmail. com.

Credit to rebeccapoynterr on tumblr

                                                                                                                       Credit to rebeccapoynterr on tumblr



  1. dawnstarpony · · Reply

    What kind of genres do you write in? Do you like novels or short stories or poems or essays or [lots of other writing genres styles]?

    1. Haha well, I’ve written a bunch of different fan-fictions for various fandoms; House, Criminal Minds, Phantom of the Opera, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Les Mis, of course. I’m also currently working on a piece of non-fiction, specifically a memoir, which I’m pretty excited about! I started it just before NanoWrimo and then got a great deal done during it, and am about 230 pages in, I think. But I do love writing fiction and took classes in college, and I wrote short-stories and part of a novel. I also took a screenwriting class, which was fun. As an English major/journalism major, I wrote analytical essays and pieces for the school paper. I do love reading poetry, but I’m not an awesome poet, so I tend to stick to prose. 😉

      Pretty much I just love to write!

      I saw on your blog that you are a writer also, what kind of things do you do? 🙂

      1. dawnstarpony · ·

        That’s awesome!!! I’ve had to write a mini script (well, one scene) and it was okay but I like prose better XD And I write some fanfiction but I like novels 🙂 I am trying to write short stories.. but they are hard… writing is hard.. XD

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