New Years (And Some Resolutions!)

So this is an accountability post for this blog I have too-long neglected. Due to other writing commitments (article writing for Young Progressives, fic writing, and trying to edit my in-progress memoir) and life and work and all sorts of other things I haven’t made time for it even though I have a list of blogging topics tucked away, so even though life and writing are busy, my goal is to post once or twice a month here, and I’m hoping to keep up with it!

I’m not usually the New Years Resolution type-too much of it is usually workout based and since mine usually aren’t about that I feel odd participating, and why would I wait until the new year to do things anyhow?-but this year the timing was right and sort of trying to set the tone for the year felt good, so I’m going to do it! For my own purposes I’m actually going to write down some of my goals and here seemed the right place to do it!

  • Make at least 1-2 posts on my this blog a month.
  • Finish editing my memoir, dammit
  • Document the books I read during the year, because I saw people doing that in end of year lists and it seems cool!
  • Get involved in volunteer work of some kind
  • Go to more political protests, rallies, etc
  • Possibly finish  my Les Mis Pirate AU fic (though it’s LONG as outlined so we shall see how long it takes to complete, but make more progress, anyway!)
  • Join some sort of professional organization for librarians because I need to keep a better pulse on the community goings on (which can be hard when you’re already a librarian 40 hours a week)
  • If a couple of things fall into place, go to the UK to visit friends! And possibly to Paris and maybe another place or two along the way
  • Take a self-defense/martial arts/kickboxing class or something like that (gotta achieve that otherworldy and vaguely threatening aesthetic I’m always after)
  • Make a calendar of my friends’ birthdays and hang it on my wall so I’m always ready!
  • On an emotional level, learn to own my accomplishments and not let anyone convince me I shouldn’t be proud of myself and the life I’ve built

2015 has been an interesting year! There were lots of changes, mostly really good ones, but still some were challenging, but I am good at adapting! I moved into a new place in the city, and that’s been so great I accomplished the goal of becoming a full DC government employee rather than a contractor, which has been really nice because you know, benefits! Paid leave! It made me feel like my employer was investing in me, and that made me more confident at work.

I wrote A LOT this year, including finishing Les Hommes de la Misericorde, the Les Mis fic I’d been working on for two years and which introduced me to two of my favorite friends and into Les Mis fandom in general, and that, obviously, has given me many more friends and was truly life-changing. Plus, I got to meet and hang out with even more friends met through fandom this year, and I’ve been lucky in that! Another lovely friend started drawing art to go along with my new fic, so like, Fic Writer Goal Achieved and I’m still flailing about it it, tbh. I’ve gotten better at articulating my thoughts on paper about politics and social justice issues, and I’ve been reading near-constantly about them and hope to make that kind of writing an even more integral part of my life, including on this blog.

There were so many great moments this year with friends, and I got to go to a lot of concerts and musicals  and just in general got really comfortable in my own skin. That’s still an ongoing process, but I feel like I know me so well now, and I’m willing to defend who I’ve become. There were some hard moments in some of my older relationships because of that, but I’m not gonna give up myself to make other people happy. In any case, it’s been a year full of a lot of highs and some lows, and I’m looking forward to 2016!


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