I’m not planning on going anywhere or leaving Tumblr, because honestly this is the social media I like despite the issues, where my friends are, and where I have a good following. But! In case of anything, you can find me a few other places. Twitter  I am trying to be better about using this but […]

schuylerelizas: OTP meme: Favorite Scenes [2/3] Sir, your pirate returns with Blackbeard’s treasure. Source: thepromlesbian

pilferingapples: deboracabral: @pilferingapples I hope you’re happy I AM INDEED I love that it looks like the kitchen has witnessed A Mighty Combat,that is perfect 😀 Source: deboracabral

lionjolras: nickcartell: Papa did say if Cosette was good he would get her puppy!! Happy Holidays from all of us at 55 Rue Plumet. We hope you have a safe and blessed holiday season! Nick Cartell’s Instagram 12/15/18 Source: lionjolras

@amarguerite replied to your text post: ooh what do you think people will ship? I file them into two categories: The Author Is Cool With This and The Author is Not Cool With This, But Fandom is Gonna Fandom. I’m mostly thinking of ships that aren’t canon, cause people so often tend to go for those […]

shesnake: Colette (2018) dir. Wash Westmoreland Source: shesnake

@1001paperboxes replied to your text post: Will you then write fanfic of your own work(s) for Yuletide? Oh for SURE. Probably under a separate pen-name from my usual fic, but I’d so do it!